Castle Clash demands many Gems and plenty of time, but Castle Clash codes are a way around the grind (and the cost) to get what you want.

Most codes give multiple items, but, similar to Genshin Impact promo codes, you’ll get plenty of the game’s premium currency, Gems, as well. We’ll keep this list up to date as new codes release, so it’s worth checking back often.

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What are Castle Clash codes?

Castle Clash codes are the best way to get free Gems in Castle Clash. The best Heroes cost Gems, and plenty of them. If you’re looking to get new Heroes, then this is the way to go.

However, the codes offer more than that. These codes also give other items, such as Tomes and Hero Scraps, you can use to level up your Hero and augment skins. 

Magic Lab codes are slightly different. These are technically event codes, but get updated every month. They don’t give you Gems. However, they do give you a bit of practically everything else, from skin boxes to Signets, Star Stones, and more.

How to redeem Castle Clash codes

You’ll redeem Castle Clash codes, sometimes called “redeem codes,” and Magic Lab codes differently. Here’s what to do for Castle Clash redeem codes.

Open the game, and bring up the settings menu. Find the box that says “Enter your IGG ID,” and type or paste your code.

How to redeem Magic Lab codes

Since the game treats Magic Lab as an event, you’ll need to go under the events tab for this one. Find Magic Lab, and use the “+” and “-” buttons to enter the numeric code. These change monthly, so if you’re using a code that doesn’t work, check it against our updated table to see if it’s current.

All working Castle Clash codes

All working Castle Clash codes for free Gems and more All working Castle Clash codes for free Gems and more
Code Reward
B9295RGJ Hero Scraps
BFBUFFYF Gems and other items
BMVK7DJW Gems and other items
B7ZXXPA2 Gems and other items
KXTP9X2T Gems and other items
NK57PAQG Gems and other items
692CQKAA Gems and other items
JDXX54UJ Gems and other items
8R9CPT4C Gems and other items
9D32MVGJ Gems and other items
YPVYKSMG Gems and other items

Castle Clash Magic Lab codes [June 2021]

All Castle Clash Magic Lab codes All Castle Clash Magic Lab codes
Code Reward
1331 Super Pet Crystal Chest
2141 100 Orderbound Signet
1232 20 Legendary Star Stone
2321 10 Epic Star Stone
2222 3 Resource Select Box I
2231 30 Legendary Hero Scrap Select Box I
1151 Magic Powder

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