Heroes Online is all about the Quirks, but it takes a long time to get enough spins for good abilities — unless you’re using Heroes Online codes, that is.

These codes give you free spins for better level quirks without you having to grind levels to get them.

While there aren’t as many Heroes Online codes as in some other Roblox games, new codes are added from time to time. Our list is up to date with the latest codes, and we’ll keep checking for more.

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What are Heroes Online codes?

Heroes Online codes give you Rare and Epic spins. These have a much higher chance of earning Rare and Epic Quirks, which naturally translate to better powers and stronger abilities.

Rare Spins

  • 82% chance of a Rare Quirk
  • 15% chance of an Epic Quirk
  • 3% chance of a Legendary Quirk

Epic Spins

  • 85% chance of an Epic Quirk
  • 15% chance of a Legendary Quirk

What Quirk you get is random, however. That makes these Heroes Online codes even more useful since you typically get more than one spin of each type.

How to redeem Heroes Online codes

Launch the game and open the menu. Choose “Codes” and then just enter your code to redeem your reward.

All working Heroes Online codes

Heroes Online adds codes somewhat infrequently. We’ll update as more become available though, so it’s worth checking back.

All working Heroes Online codes All working Heroes Online codes
Code Reward
TheLastOne Five epic spins
2kids Five epic spins
Bluebird Three epic spins
Tsukuyomi Ten rare spins

Expired Heroes Online codes

If you’re adding a code and it doesn’t work, it’s probably one of these.

Expired Heroes Online codes

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