Best CK3 start guide: the top characters for interesting starts

Looking for an interesting CK3 start? Crusader Kings III landed to near-universal acclaim from critics – just check out our CK3 review. With a 91 on Metacritic and ‘Very Positive’ reviews on Steam, there are probably more than a few newcomers to the series scrambling with the question: Where in the world should I begin?

Many will mean this literally because, as most new players have probably realised, Crusader Kings III sets itself apart from nearly all others in the strategy genre by allowing you – with only a few exceptions – to play any ruler on the map, from hardscrabble tribal chiefs to illustrious feudal emperors. That freedom can be liberating, but also paralysing. With an entire world of rulers to choose from, who is worth choosing? While the game helpfully offers some interesting characters to select from, they tend to focus on a few key areas in Western Europe.

To help, we’ve highlighted some of the more interesting characters to play from both the 867 AD and 1066 AD CK3 start points, each with their own particular challenges and goals.

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