Deep Rock Galactic’s modding system has arrived

Mod support has arrived in Deep Rock Galactic’s experimental branch, meaning you can start tinkering away with alterations to the co-op game. As we reported earlier this year, developer Ghost Ship Games has thought long and hard about how to implement mods into a multiplayer game that features a progression system, and a three-tiered approval system hosted on seems to have been the best solution.

In the latest update on Steam, Ghost Ship Games explains how it went about distinguishing different types of mods, and making sure that cheating wasn’t part of the experience. The studio considers it cheating when mods increase XP or reward payouts from missions, bypass the normal process for unlocking in-game items, or boost progression speed.

Mods that do any of that, or change the progression experience in any way, are placed in the ‘Sandbox’ category, and to use those you’ll need a dedicated save file separate from the one you use for game progression. Not all mods make those kinds of changes, however, and so there are also ‘approved’ and ‘verified’ mod categories.

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