Chapter 2 Season 5 of Fortnite is one of the most ambitious seasons yet due to the new game-changing features it implements, one of which is the new gold bar currency. Unlike V-Bucks, players can earn an unlimited amount of gold bars for free by completing remedial tasks during rounds of Fortnite. Gold can’t be spent outside of rounds of Fortnite, but it can give players a leg-up in battle if players know how to use it.

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One of the best facets of gold is that, like V-Bucks, they carry over from game to game. While players can only earn gold while in a round of Fortnite, the gold earned from the last round carries over. In games such as Call of Duty: Warzone, players start with fresh currency every round, but Fortnite allows players to stockpile their gold for when they really need it. This guide will teach players how they can obtain gold bars, and what they can spend them on in Fortnite.

Earn Gold Bars (& Spend Them) In Fortnite Season 5

Gold Bars can be earned in various ways in differing amounts. Actions as simple as breaking open furniture or cash registers will net players small amounts of gold while completing in-game challenges and bounties will reward players with large amounts. Players can v buck generator also find safes in chest spawn locations that will drop 100 gold bars when opened. As well, gold bars are dropped every time a player is eliminated. The fastest way to earn large amounts of gold bars quickly is by locating a passive NPC and accepting quests or bounties. When these quests or bounties are completed, players will earn gold, but every quest and bounty has a time limit in which it must be completed.

Players can then use the gold bars the accumulate by speaking with passive NPCs. Each NPC acts as an in-game store where players can exchange gold bars for weapons and healing items. Not every NPC will have an item for sale, and the items they do offer are randomized. The items or weapons will vary in cost depending on their rarity and usefulness. Gold can only be spent on items from NPCs and have no use outside of rounds of Fortnite.