Epic seems to be launching a new season of Fortnite today, and developer Epic Games really couldn’t kicked this off in a more dramatic fashion. It started like one of the game’s signature live events: impressive but at this point routine. Then things got weird. Players were sucked into what appeared to be a black hole at the center of the map, and then the game just kind of…went dark. If you log in now, all you see is that black hole. The game’s Twitter page has been replaced by the black hole. For a moment, the effects of the event seemed to ripple outwards, shutting down Reddit, Twitch and Discord in the process. The idea is simple: the game is gone.


I’ve heard this question from the younger set out there, so let’s get one thing very straight: Fortnite is not gone. Multi-billion dollar properties don’t evaporate overnight, so there are no worries on that front. This is just a way of launching Season 11, which early leaks indicate that Epic is going to call “Chapter 2”, because it’s going to have some large-scale changes like a brand-new map. So the question then becomes: when does Season 11 start? We have some information to help us with that

Here’s the most important thing: Epic free v buck generator is already pushing a large update to mobile devices, and we expect console and PC to follow suit. This usually happens at the beginning of downtime, and it indicates forward motion in getting this thing up and running. More than a few hours of a black hole would get tedious, and common sense dictates that Epic will want this thing to get back online tonight.

Second, prolific dataminer Lucas7Yoshi has found what appear to be timestamps associated with events tied to the black hole…thing. The first was at 5:07, the second at 6:07. Nothing huge happened at that time, but we did see an increase in the frequency of random numbers that are now showing up on the screen. I have no idea what to make of those numbers, so hopefully a cryptology professor out there is on the case.


So we’ll wait to see what happens at 6:07, which may be a part of keeping our attention for a launch sometime either around then or some time after.