fortnite battle royale is celebrating its third birthday, and Epic Games are doing it in style. After the latest collaboration with BTS and DJ Slushii, fans are excited to see what is next. Indeed, this season has been quite rewarding for players in terms of cosmetics and item rewards. The possibility of winning free skins is much higher this season than previous ones.


(Image Courtesy – Epic Games)

With every new season comes a set of new challenges that unlock a bunch of free items to be won in Fortnite. As this is the anniversary month, Epic Games have added to that list exponentially. This is a great time to earn more XP and get different skins.

Besides this, Epic free v bucks generator Games have also promised free cosmetics for their upcoming FNCS. Players will have to watch the official channel or other channels with drops enabled.

The hidden ways to unlock rewards and XP in Fortnite Season 4
Coldside made a comprehensive video about how players can find all these free gifts.

In the video, Coldside started with the challenges that will disappear sooner. These include the birthday challenges, which come with a free birthday emote.

He showed a layout of the map, which has specific locations for all the birthday cakes. He also showed the location for all the helicopters. They are found in Doom’s Domain, Stark Industries, The Authority, mountains below Catty Corner, and the island above Misty Meadows. The helicopters are the fastest way to complete these challenges, so players need to get their hands on one soon.

The Llama Rama Challenges for Rocket League are also pretty straightforward. Players need to link the same account they use for Fortnite to play Rocket League. The challenges that are there need not necessarily have players finish the game. However, players need to be ahead in the scoreline in order to forfeit a match.

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Blast from the past


(Image Courtesy – Epic Games)

The secret bunkers have also returned to Fortnite. Coldside reminded players about the Bunker back in Wailing Woods, present in Chapter 1. Epic Games are indeed adding elements from the past to spice up the overall narrative. Finding these give players 1000XP as they unlock a new landmark. The YouTuber showed a few locations where players can visit and discover these Bunkers and obtain some free XP.

Coldside also harked back on a comic book image from the past which had shown Fortnite characters with Marvel Avengers. Hopefully, Epic Games will add the skins shortly, perhaps with a mythic ability of its own.