Just like prior challenge weeks, first make sure you go to Deadpool’s hideout through the vent on the right side of the HQ screen. Next, go to the computer in Deadpool’s office to activate the challenges.

Deadpool’s Toilet Plunger Location

Challenges activated, you’ll see that the objective asks players to find Deadpool’s Toilet Plunger. Just like the Milk Carton and letter found in previous weeks, the Toilet Plunger is found in the actual navigation menus. As seen in this picture, you’ll find Deadpool’s Toilet Plunger on the wall in TNTina’s office. To get there, select the Agents elevator on the left, where you previously visited Brutus, and go to her floor.

fortnite deadpools toilet plunger
This is the location of Deadpool’s Toilet Plunger on the wall to the right. Use it to complete the Deadpool Week 3 Challenges. ‘Fortnite’ is available on PS4, Xbox One, Switch, PC and mobile.

Destroy Toilets

The next Week 3 Deadpool objective asks players to destroy three Toilets around the Battle Royale map. While there are lots of possible locations to get this challenge done, here are a few worth trying. There are two varieties of Toilets found on the Battle Royale map. Destroying either one of them should give you credit for the challenge.

NOTE: The first three of these locations are port-a-potties. If those don’t trigger challenge progress, try the more traditional toilet locations found at numbers four through six.

1) At the bridge south of Frenzy Farm

fortnite toilet location 1
A Toilet location south of Frenzy FarmEPIC GAMES

2) At the trailer park east of Frenzy Farm

fortnite toilet location 2
A Toilet location east of Frenzy FarmEPIC GAMES

3) At this area east of Weeping Woods

fortnite toilet location 3
A Toilet location east of Weeping WoodsEPIC GAMES

4) Inside a house in the western area of Pleasant Park

fortnite toilet location 4
A Toilet location inside the western area of Pleasant ParkEPIC GAMES

5) A Toilet in a blue house in Salty Springs

fortnite toilet location 5
A Toilet location inside a blue house in salty SpringsEPIC GAMES

6) Inside a big brick house in the center of Retail Row.

fortnite toilet location 6
A Toilet location inside a brick house at Retail RowEPIC GAMES

If you’re still having trouble, just check all the houses around Pleasant Park or Retail Row. There are lots of Toilet options v buck generator there for you to destroy. That’s all you need to know to complete Fortnite‘s Week 3 Deadpool Challenges.

Fortnite is available now on PS4, Xbox One, Switch, PC and mobile.

What are your thoughts on the Deadpool Challenges for Week 3? Were you able to find Toilets and Deadpool’s Toilet Plunger? Tell us in the comments section.