Gears of War 5 Characters – General Raam

Gears of War 5 Characters – General Raam

RAAM is a Locust hero and a Lieutenant in the Locust army. He is also a support-style hero in the Versus arcade. In this article, we will discuss the different roles and abilities of this locust hero. We will also discuss his character traits. RAAM is the traitor to Adam Fenix. If you would like to play RAAM in Gears of War 5, we recommend you check out the following article.

What gears of war is General RAAM in?

RAAM is an incredibly strong Locust soldier. He is the original super warrior of the Locust Horde, a race of reptilian humanoids. Born a common Drone on the planet Sera, he eventually became a member of the Theron Guard and eventually oversaw the entire Locust Horde on Emergence Day. As a result, he is now an extremely dangerous threat to the Human race.

RAAM is one of the main characters in Gears 5. Originally a Drone soldier, he is now the High General of the Locust Army. His most famous trait is the ability to map out enemies. He also has the unique ability to deploy a Lightmass Bomb. This bomb cripples the Locust Horde, allowing Marcus and his teammates to take control of the city of Azura. Queen Myrrah then vows to continue the war effort in the name of her people.

He is a Lieutenant in the Locust army

In Gears of War: The Frozen Throne, General RAAM is a hulking Locust, and he is the head of the Locust army. While he is not the main antagonist, his army and henchmen are responsible for millions of dead human beings in the Locust war. The player first encounters him in the final boss battle in the game, and he possesses superhuman strength and intelligence.

In the game, the Locust are subterainian creatures that attack humans. They were forced to emerge from their underground lairs on Emergence Day and infiltrate the surface. They have emergence holes and use them to reach humans and other creatures. Before the sinking of the Jacinto, they were a religious race, and a high priest of the Locust is a key member of this faction.

He is a support style hero in Versus arcade

As a support-style hero, General Rahm is similar to COG Gear in terms of his loadout. His ultimate, which can revive downed allies, is an excellent choice in Versus arcade. The game is also adding four new characters to its roster, including the generic character COG Gear, the robot DeeBee, and the Swarm vanguard Warden. In addition, the game is introducing the first antagonist of Gears of War, General RAAM.

While the game’s multiplayer mode is limited to four new characters, it’s worth noting that it also introduces four new players. In addition to General Rahm, you can now choose to play as Marcus Fenix, a support style hero from the COG army, or one of the Terminator characters. Each character has a different loadout, passive abilities, and weapons trees.

He is a traitor to Adam Fenix

After E-Day, the Savage Locust overran the island of Azura and killed all the Coalition’s high-value scientists, save for one: General Raam Gears 5. After his capture, Marcus Fenix and the Onyx Guard were able to escape on the CNV Sovereign and find out about Adam Fenix’s captivity. But it seems General Raam Gears 5 is more than just a traitor, he’s a traitor to Adam Fenix.

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