Pro player Bloodx went on Twitter on Monday, November 25, to allege that pro players had “coaches” on their call during matches in the week 4 European semi-finals of the Fortnite Champion Series, looking at the streams of other teams and calling out their locations to their players.

To put it bluntly, he alleges they were stream sniping and asks if this is considered cheating.

Is it okey to have people IN YOUR CALL MID-TOURNY having your “coach” call out where teams land, based off of what he sees on OTHER streams? AKA STREAMSNIPING for your team.

PLEASE voice your opinions, i know what my opinion is.

Bloodx followed up his initial accusation by saying, “this is just something that isn’t f*****g right. No matter to what extent it’s done.”

Many fans and players responded that not only was the alleged stream-sniping considered cheating, but pro players shouldn’t have coaches on their call during a match, to begin with. This is a similar rule in other competitive titles like LoL and CSGO, where coaches can only talk to their players during timeouts and between matches.


Famed CSGO coach zonic behind his team, Astralis. Rules prevent him from communicating unless between matches or during timeouts.

After some investigation, Dexerto has acquired a clip from an anonymous source, potentially showing Mongraal and his teammates getting information from coach DestinysJesus. The exchange between Mongraal and DestinysJesus comes after Mongraal exclaims that his team was “griefing” the other squad.

“They’re a different team,” DestinysJesus says.

“Are they contested, Destiny?” replies Mongraal.

“They’re [not?] contested, they went Pleasant.”

“They went Pleasant?”

The audio is a bit hard to hear, but this clip allegedly comes from a Mongraal YouTube upload that has since been deleted and re-uploaded. This clip allegedly has been cut from it.

The anonymous source who provided the clip also alleges that DestinysJesus was spotted in the chat of one of the streams he was allegedly sniping. As of now, there is no clip or evidence to verify this claim. DestinysJesus joined FaZe as a Fortnite coach this month.

Around the time the discussion appeared on Twitter and Reddit, Mongraal’s video editor shared a vague tweet, saying, “everything happens for a reason, can only stay hopeful at this point.”

The match where the alleged incident took place wasn’t live-streamed by Mongraal or any of the teammates he was competing with v buck generator. All the members of his squad, NRG BenjyFishy, Nayte, and Lazarus Wolfiez, frequently stream their competitive events.

Mongraal was signed to FaZe Clan before the Fortnite World Cup in July, in a transfer from Team Secret.

He finished 13th in the Solo Finals at FWC, and sixth in Duos alongside Mitr0, who was playing for Team Atlantis. He’s come in first in several events since the World Cup, alongside Mitr0 and benjyfishy.

In the Competitive Integrity section of the Fortnite Champion Series rulebook published by Epic Games, it explicitly forbids:

“Receiving outside assistance regarding the location of other players, other players’ health or equipment, or any other information not otherwise known to the player by the information on his or her screen.”

The rulebook makes zero mention of coaches at all, so the issue of whether coaches are allowed or when they should be allowed to communicate with their players is still up to debate.