Rainbow Six Siege devs issue mysterious teasers as Apocalypse event leaks

Rainbow Six Siege is always a leaky ship, and that gets especially weird as the developers like to tease new content well ahead of release. Now, Ubisoft is hinting at something major to hit the game next week, right as another leak on an upcoming event hits the internet. It looks like we’re going to have some stuff to look forward to ahead of Y6S2, at the very least.

A new tweet from the official Siege account on Twitter contains the message: “We scoured the Earth, looking for salvation.” An attached image shows the date May 4, 2021, on top of a green backdrop. The date and green aura have also taken over the account’s banner and profile pic.

Earlier today, a bit of leaked footage hit Reddit, and appears to show an updated version of the Outback map that’s set in the shadow of what looks like a nuclear power plant. This matches up with previous leaks of an event called Apocalypse, which would have attackers and defenders fighting over a container, and include rooms with built-in alarm systems.

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