The Game Awards 2020 are tonight and viewers will be rewarded with free in-game rewards for Among Us and Fortnite if they watch the show on Twitch. Twitch will be giving away free digital items to viewers who have drops enabled, which is one more reason to choose Twitch as the preferential viewing platform.

Stream Drops is a feature unique to Twitch that allows viewers to passively earn in-game loot, beta keys, and other goodies just by watching someone else play the game. This v buck generator usually requires the viewer to link their Twitch account to whichever game or platform the drop is for, but that is about all the setup necessary. Once linked, viewers need to find a streamer that has drops enabled and tune in while they’re live for a chance to get the drop. Twitch also offers special limited-time drops like its most recent Glitch Pet drop for Among Us.

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Twitch teased these drops via Twitter‘s new Fleet feature which is essentially the platform’s version of an Instagram story. They don’t stick around long, and once they disappear they are gone forever. Twitch posted two teaser images to its Fleets of Stream Drops which will be available during tonight’s The Game Awards stream. One featured a silhouette of an Among Us character, and the other a silhouette of Fortnite’s iconic Assault Rifle.

Presumably, players will have a shot at getting an Among Us character skin and Fortnite weapon skin, but they will need to link their accounts to ensure they can get the drops. Viewers will need to link their Epic Games and Twitch accounts via their Twitch account settings in order to redeem the Fortnite drop. For the Among Us drop, players will need to open Among Us’s settings, navigate to the Data tab, and click the Twitch icon. This will take them to Twitch’s account link page and will ask players to authorize the link. After that, viewers are ready to start redeeming their free goodies.

The Game Awards start at 6 p.m. EST tonight, December 10th. Outside of free in-game rewards, gamers won’t want to miss an exciting show filled with big announcements. From Among Us‘ new map reveal to Fall Guys’ Season 3 trailer, The Game Awards 2020 will have something fo