Fortnite season 5 and Epic released the last patch of season 4 two days ago, v14.60. The update didn’t add any new items or features to the game, but the Fortnite Galactus event files were added.

These files have been encrypted which prevents data-miners from leaking them. However, there were two data-miners that managed to get the AES key to decrypt the files, but they have decided not to leak anything from the event.

There are a number of things we do know about the event as well as a speculative date as to when the Galactus Fortnite event will take place. Let’s dive right in.RELATED:  Fortnite Colored Bridges Locations: Where to dance on all five colored bridges in a single match


The date of the Fortnite Galactus event will likely be on November 28th at 2 PM ET. That’s based on it being the last weekend before the new season and because the previous live events for the storyline have always taken place at 2 PM ET on a Saturday.

There’s still no official information though, so anyone stating they have a confirmed date for the Fortnite event is not true. The only way we’ll know when exactly the date of the event is when the countdown timer appears, which could appear as early as tomorrow.

Fortnite event countdown
Fortnite event countdown


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In an interview, worldwide creative director, Donald Mustard, stated that this free v buck would be the biggest Fortnite event. Data-miners have confirmed this by posted the size of the encrypted files with the Galactus event files over 4 GB is size. In comparison, the final showdown event was 650 MB and the Travis Scott event was 450 MB.

Data-miners have also leaked the sounds of the countdown alarm that should be added to the game within the next few days:

The below image was also added to the files which relates to the event:

Leakers have also mentioned there’ll be downtime after the event similar to what we saw after the black hole event. If that’s the case, hopefully we won’t be on an animated screen for more than 48 hours.